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11 Rutland, Edinburgh

Vibrant spaces designed for collaboration, creativity and connection. Located in the heart of Edinburgh.

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The traditional office has changed. In a world of hybrid work, connection is key.

The work week is no longer about commuting to a lifeless cubicle, trapped by the 9 - 5. It's about flexibility. Lister Place celebrates the idea of meeting up when it matters.

Whether you meet your team one day, two days or more per week - be sure to make it count. Use your in-person time to make meaningful impact, together.

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House of Lister

A place for the curious ones

Home of Joseph Lister

The name Lister Place originates from Joseph Lister; previous occupier of the building and one of the great pioneers of antiseptic medicine.

Before the 1800s, post-surgery mortality rates averaged around 50%. Lister's Antisepsis System discovery changed this forever - by forming the basis of modern infection control as we know it today.1

The legacy of Lister's extraordinary work carries through the building, to the next generation of revolutionary thinkers.

Find your own inspiration in the boutique rooms at Lister Place - brimming with vibrance, life and creativity.

(1) Source: Past Medical History

Meet the


Spacious and evergreen

A grand wooden table holds the center of the room, allowing you and your team to sit down and discuss the day's objectives.


Meet the


Warm, cosy and collaborative

Warm, welcoming and unassuming. Tuck away and get your head down, with vibrant orange chairs and a smoked pinewood table occupying the space..


Meet the


Crafted for creatives

Set against a background of classic records and tools of artistic expression, you'll find a treasure trove of bright ideas here.


Meet the


Contemporary and comfortable

A plush sofa allows you to get comfy with your projects. While an Italian marble table encourages easy conversation and connection.


Meet the


The seat of knowledge

Styled with a wall-to-wall bookshelf, you can bask in the literary wisdom of worldwide authors whose ideas stand the test of time.


Meet the


Your highland retreat

Transport yourself to a quaint mountain hideout with authentic wood panelling, log stack and skis, positioned on the top floor, high above the street.


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Lister Place is proudly trusted by businesses across Scotland for weekly team meet ups.

Picture of dining table

Lister Place is ideal for what we need as a team. We have privacy to be as loud as we need to be, but at the same time as being able to connect to other companies while grabbing a freshly ground coffee in the main lobby.

Kirsty McWilliam  |  Think EQ

The building is beautiful and the rooms are really well appointed. The range of different seating spaces help us work effectively and productively, and the whole Paper Tiger team are able to really concentrate on the given agenda.

Michael Apter  |  Paper Tiger

Our team love to meet up in-person at Lister Place - the days are always so exciting and are packed-full of energy! The layout of the building and the set up of each room inspires creativity, team working and problem solving.

Fraser Wilson  |  AnywhereWorks

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